Going to Army

2013-06-25 14:58:18 by Dzichaderpl

I am probably going to army. It is not so easy here in Poland, because we got only elite army and there are 6 person per place where I want to get. Maybe I will kill you with my tank someday muslims :D
If I will get in. 20 years and retirement (fuck yeah). If not? I still study National Defence.


2013-05-01 14:00:21 by Dzichaderpl

Make my art world wide!
I need motivation to do more...

New content

2013-02-08 09:25:43 by Dzichaderpl

We (me and Wikizaur), are having a great time eachother and we get into making a ilustrations for a card game that might be a bit like Warhammer, but more fantasy so I will post more fairies and shit :D
Photo of our great time :D
http://wd4.photoblog.pl/np2/201302/C2/14364 9283/zory.jpg

A problem with scout.

2009-09-15 16:32:00 by Dzichaderpl

I hate this scouting system. I wait a 2 week for being scouted and nothing.
In my Profile there are all my pictures

A problem with scout.


2009-09-06 16:52:02 by Dzichaderpl

I Don't have a time to finish my FLASH movie so I start to make a art. FIRST one is knife. Tommorow i would submit a fish and some woman :D this is all I THINK,
ps. I hate this scout system.



2009-01-19 02:25:31 by Dzichaderpl

No one knows me. Knows one like me. Wait!!! I don't wan me fu**ing Emo.
Now I am mading an animation. It whould be Madness submission, there will be Jebus and... DR House. BUT I AM A BIT LAZY AND I DON'T KNOW WHEN I WILL FINISH It.